Monday, October 24, 2011

tempat tinggi yang sejuk

saya update kemudian ok.

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Affair to Remember

"An Affair to Remember" is english version kepada Hindustan film yg pernah fames satu masa dulu pada tahun 90-an. "Mann" Lakonan Amir Khan dan Manisha Koirala. Eventho "An Affair to Remember" lakonan pelakon veteren tahun 50-an ini terlebih dahulu dari "Mann". saya lebih suka Mann kerana hindustan lebih memain emosi dan berjaya membuat kami se-rumah menangis tanpa segan masa Karan nak pulangkan gelang kaki pada Priya. gosh!!!

"Karan Dev Singh (Aamir Khan), a Casanova deep in debt, agrees to marry Anita (Deepti Bhatnagar), the daughter of Singhania (Dalip Tahil), a rich tycoon. Priya (Manisha Koirala) and Karan meet on a cruise. Priya has just won a dancing competition and Karan has just finished some work for his to-be father-in-law, even though he hasn't made a good first impression. He tries to make Priya fall for his charms but he is unsuccessful, but they become friends before they separate.

Priya and Karan fall in love. Raj (Anil Kapoor) is Priya's fiancé and she agrees to marry him because he had helped her when she was in need. When the time comes for the engagement of Karan, he says no to everything and ends up on the street, which Priya sees on TV. The day Priya gets engaged, she writes a letter to Karan telling him that their relationship is over. Raj gets the letter by mistake and he insists her to go to Karan. While she is going to meet him she has an accident and has to get her legs amputated. Karan who was waiting for Priya remains unaware of her accident. Finally when she does not arrives he becomes sad. He then starts his career once again and goes on to become a famous painter. He later meets Priya again but does not realize that she got her legs amputated, and she does not tell him. Finally, he has an exhibition and Priya purchases a painting of his, which is of her speaking to his grandmother, whom Karan had introduced to her to during the cruise. One day he comes to give her a payal (piece of jewellery worn on the feet around the ankles) and sees the painting, which causes him to learn that her legs were amputated. Karan and Priya then marry each other."

Deborah Kerr (kalau tak salah) cantik betul

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cendawan Hatyai

tak sure camne leh dtg nama cendawan hatyai. but, this is one of our special menu kat nangkam..

taste like salad cendawan.. hehehe gile tak pandai nak describe.. ok, cendawan di celup tepung di hidang dgn tomato, bawang, daun salad €€€dan sos (limau, gula, garam, cili sos, susu cair, ajinomoto - semua ikut citarasa masing-masing ok)

selamat mencuba!